3 Weird Secrets  $8

If you have 2 weeks & need to get in shape ASAP, these are the exact techniques I recommend to use. The goal is to gain a lean aesthetic look focusing on the eye catching muscle groups. NOT A LONG TERM ROUTINE.
Whats Included: 
 • 3 Weird Secrets
 • Bonus Ab Routine

Tasty Cheats Cookbook $8

This CookBook is designed so that you can cheat every once in a while, without losing the gainz you’ve been working so hard for.
Whats Included: 
 • Soups & Salads
 • Sides
 • Main Dish
 • Dessert

Shred Program $9.99

This Shred plan is made to help you lean down and get a ripped & defined body. This is something I use every year to shred up for photo shoots and the summer season.
Whats Included: 
 • Overview On Why And How To Shred.
 • Diet Plan 
 • Supplement Recommendation  
 • Workout Regimen 

Lean-Bulk Program $9.99

This lean bulk plan is made to help you pack on the muscle without getting fat. This is something I use every year to gain some major size.
Whats Included: 
 • Overview On Why And How To Lean-Bulk.
 • Diet Plan
 • Supplement Recommendation  
 • Workout Regimen 

Online Coaching App Subscription 

What's Included: 
•Weekly 60min Zoom Personal Development call
•Access to Private Training Account/Nutrition Portal 
• Supplement Guidance
•Weekly check-ins and adjustments as needed 

Train with Mattyicefitnesss

No Gym Membership needed- 60 min sessions
Whats Included: 
 • 3-5x a Week In Person Private Training
 • Customized Meal Plan
 • Supplement Recommendation  
 • Bi-weekly Check-Ins and Adjustments as Needed
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