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About Matt Diaz

Who is the king of fitness

Matt Diaz, also known as, “The King of Fitness”, has been a personal trainer for over a decade and counting. He has developed and perfected programs that will get you looking like the celebrities you see in the media. Whether you are trying to shred down, or bulk up, The King of Fitness will have a customized program to help you reach your goals.

The programs and nutrition are sustainable, and allow you to enjoy what you consume, while still gaining muscle, and burning fat. Matt believes that balance is key, and this is exactly why the programs are tailored to each individuals specific goals and lifestyle. Everything is based on YOUR physique, and YOUR goals.

core values

Energy is for Everyone

Unleash Yourself

Redefine Your Limits, Embrace the Extraordinary!

Embrace the Grind

Forge Your Strength, Embrace the Challenge!

Elevate Together

One Team, One Vision, Achieving Greatness!

craft Your Mind

Unleash the Power Within, Triumph Beyond All Odds!


Training options that fit your goals

12-Month Training
12-Month Training
$ 1,499.99 USD
per 12 months

12-Month Training

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6-Month Training
6-Month Training
$ 999.99 USD
per 6 months

6-Month Training

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Community Access
Community Access
$ 49.99 USD
$ 49.00 USD

Community Access (Billed Monthly)

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